August Seasonal Macaron Flavors


August is here! Here with NEW flavors available in the shop! This month these two new flavors are some very nostalgic flavors to our owner and head baker, Amanda. First up is Cookie Dough! Amanda’s two very favorite desserts in ONE! This macaron is filled with a classic chocolate chip cookie dough, that we of course made gluten free and it is so delicious! Who knew this combination could be so perfect...I mean, I did. YUM! We also put this mac to the test and had Bailey, of Cookie Tour, taste our cookie dough mac! Click here to see her blog post she wrote up on our Cookie Dough macaron.


Okay and for our next flavor we have Blueberry Lemon! We put fresh lemon zest in the mac shells and filled it with a house-made blueberry jam. This one is nostalgic of the times Amanda spent visiting grandma in Michigan picking blueberries every summer. It is fresh, citrusy and bursting with flavor!

Hope you come in and try our new flavors this month! 

Top 10 Coolest Things About Macarons (in no particular order):


  1. They taste like magic.

  2. They’re French. (duh.)

  3. They are great for sharing. Get a 6 or 12 pack and share it like a box of chocolates - take a bite and then try another flavor. YOLO.

  4. You can eat them any time of day - we recommend them with a capp always, but they are also great with beer and champagne. Cheers!

  5. They are the life of the party at ANY event. Seriously, have you seen our towers we do for events? SEE OUR MAC TOWERS HERE!

  6. They make you smile just by looking at them...but mainly when you eat them.

  7. There are a bajillion (by a bajillion I mean 12) different flavors that we offer in the shop daily. That includes 2 limited time flavors that come out monthly. OUR FLAVORS

  8. They are the ultimate “feelin’ fancy” dessert.

  9. Did I mention they taste like magic?

  10. They are naturally gluten friendly -  if that’s something you have to think about.  

Really that last one was all I really wanted to talk about, but I figured why not brag about French macarons a little more first. Yes, our French macarons are indeed free of any ingredients containing gluten. A macaron shell is composed of eggs, sugar and almond flour. As for the filling, we strive to use fresh ingredients for each flavor we come up with, making it easier to keep gluten out of our kitchen altogether. This is why we feel confident in telling people that are macs are the perfect gluten friendly treat.

Macaroons or Macarons?

But I don’t speak French…

The French Macaron - not only is it this stunning little delectable cookie, but also it’s French and has the most difficult name to pronounce. It’s like meeting a gorgeous, mysterious French woman named Amélie who you really want to be friends with, but let’s be honest, you don’t know French, let alone how to say her name correctly! Well guess what, it doesn’t matter how you pronounce the name - Macaroon, Mac, Macron. Okay, maybe don’t go calling Amélie just anything, that might be rude, but you get what I’m saying. Macarons are like the French cool-girl of the pastry world. At least that’s how I like to look at it. My point is, you would literally be missing out on the most mouthwatering, melt-in-your mouth dessert out there just because you were worried about saying a name wrong! 

Let’s get one thing straight though. You may call her MacarOOn, but let’s make sure these lovely ladies aren’t being confused with another dessert. 


Meet the French Macaron:

The French Macaron is a brightly colored cookie consisting of two “shells” that look like rounded discs with a filling sandwiched between the two. The shells are made of almond flour, powdered sugar and a meringue that consists of egg whites and granulated sugar. The filling is usually either a buttercream, ganache or jam. The filling and, sometimes the shell, allows for an endless amount of flavor options! When biting into a French Macaron, you will notice that it has a light, crispy texture on the outside followed by a soft, melt-in-your mouth center. 


Meet the Macaroon:

The Macaroon (that’s spelled with two O’s) is a small drop cookie that is usually coconut based and, like the French macaron is also made of egg whites. This is what also gives this cookie a light texture, but is more fluffy with a crunchy outside and chewy center. It is sometimes drizzled with chocolate. 

Obviously, I’m pretty partial to French macarons, but let’s be real, there’s no competition. French macarons are way more tasty! Come taste for yourself at Cafe Disco in downtown Oklahoma City and try a “Mac and Capp” pairing that’s pictured below. I like to dip mine in my cappuccino. Just think of it as a fancy Oreo and milk situation. There’s nothing better!